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About ActWise

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Starting from Identity Management 15 years ago, we have evolved towards focusing our expertise where it matters most: Identities, Access and Privilege. With a continuously growing team of security experts and a strategic partnership with CyberArk we are able to offer our customers a security roadmap where we can support them end-to-end from design to support.

Our team

ActWise is a team of security enthusiast specialized in Identity and Access security solutions. We offer strategy, architecture, implementation and follow-up to make sure all your identities, humans and machine, are secure! With our end-to-end and privilege-centric approach we make the difference.

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Stefan Jacobs

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Jelle Verreth

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And what about...

Our logo?

Thanks for asking, as we are very proud of our unique logo. At first sight our logo just spells “ActWise” in a unique way, but if you look more closely it reveals its secrets.

The main focus within the ActWise logo goes to the letters “A” and “W”. When put together, they form this powerful and very recognizable icon.

Icon is key

The “AW"-icon forms a key, linking to our mission to enable our customers in securing their digital identities and assets.

Digital it is

The icon is built with 0’s and 1’s, the only 2 digits that make up binary code, a small hint to the digital sector we work and live in.

Music inside

You will find the music bar hidden in the letter “W”. The meaning? We are a fun and dynamic company, where you can evolve and grow in a professional environment.

Our Partners


The Cronos Group

“The Belgian Powerhouse” focused on all existing and emerging technologies. With more than 7000 experts in every technology branch.



The established leader in privileged access management, CyberArk offers the most complete Identity Security Platform to secure identities from end-to-end