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Privilege Management

Apply least privilege security controls across all identities, devices and apps, from the endpoint to the cloud.

What is Privilege Security?

Privilege Security protects and defends your organizations administrative access from an insider threat or external hack. From endpoints and servers over network devices and cloud, Privilege security allows you to protect your entire infrastructure enabling you to take control over who has access, manage their entitlements and monitor activities. It also gives you the possibility to implement more efficient processes and reinforce compliance with cybersecurity regulations.

Defend against attacks

Protect against unauthorized privileged access, impersonation, fraud and theft from compromised identities and credentials.

Improve regulatory compliance

A unified solution to address identity-oriented audit and compliance requirements.

Improved visibility

Know in real-time who has accessed every network, server, application and device

3 options

Our PAS offering

Privileged Access manager

Privileged Access Manager enables businesses to manage the full life-cycle of privileged accounts and SSH Keys in their enterprise. PAM enables organizations to securely store, provision, manage, monitor, audit and control privileges accounts.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Endpoint Privilege Manager aids organizations with the protection of their endpoints against attacks. Reducing the risk of their data being stolen or encrypted by attackers. By using a combination of privilege security, application control and credential theft prevention.

Cloud Entitlements manager

The Cloud Entitlements Manager gives organizations a clear overview of the permissions across their cloud infrastructure. Thus enabling the organizations to reduce risks by implementing Least Privilege in multi-cloud environments.

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