1. Who is Arne?

Introducing Arne, a cyber security consultant who is always up for an adventure.

With a background in Applied Computer Sciences, Arne’s affinity for Cybersecurity emerged early on. His journey began with earning the ‘Cybersecurity Essentials’ certification from Cisco during his studies. Later, an internship focused on ‘Central Automated RSA Key Management’ paved the way for his role as a DevOps Engineer.

While navigating the dynamic world of DevOps for a few years, Arne found himself drawn back to his passion for Cybersecurity. Joining ActWise, where Cybersecurity takes center stage every day, fills him with anticipation and excitement.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Arne thrives on spontaneity and embraces new adventures. One of his aspirations is to embark on a coast-to-coast road trip across North America.

As a member of the ActWise team, Arne brings a distinctive blend of technical expertise, innovation, and wanderlust to the table.

2. What was your first impression of the company and the team?

Because I had worked with some of the team at my previous job, I felt somewhat prepared for what awaited me. However, I had not anticipated just how warmly everyone would welcome me.

Coincidentally, my first day at ActWise happened to be the first Friday of the month. ActWise tradition dictated that the entire team then gathered at headquarters and went out for lunch together. People were really friendly and helpful when I asked them questions, which made it a great experience. All of this actually made me question why I had not pursued this job at ActWise sooner.

3. What are some of the things that you learned during your first week?

I gained insights into the team dynamics by getting introduced to everyone on the floor. During our lunch on my first day, I engaged in conversations with my new colleagues and the interns, learning about their respective roles. Additionally, I discovered that ActWise is affiliated with ACEN, which provided context for our work environment.

I enrolled in several courses on CyberArk University, where I learned some technical gotchas. That also helped me further understand CyberArk’s versatility in addressing various cybersecurity challenges.

4. What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Learning more about CyberArk’s Privilege Access Management (PAM) solution and hopefully achieving my first CyberArk certification. Maintaining my involvement in a project I previously contributed to, alongside my amazing new colleagues, now under the auspices of ActWise.

Furthermore, I look forward to delving into a fresh project involving the implementation of CyberArk Conjur, a secrets management solution.

And lastly, I of course can’t wait for the adventures awaiting me at our Summer Event! Follow ActWise on LinkedIn to discover what that’s all about!

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