1. Who is Marnik?

Meet Marnik, a cyber security consultant who has recently returned to his roots in the field after a successful career as a professional racing driver and coach. 

Marnik’s early career in cyber security was marked by his skills and knowledge of Vulnerability management. However, after a year in the industry, he decided to take a break and pursue his lifelong passion for racing. With hard work, dedication, and natural talent, Marnik quickly rose through the ranks to become a respected racing coach and driver.

But despite his success on the track, Marnik never lost his passion for cyber security. And so, after taking the time to build a solid foundation for his racing business, he returned to the industry as an IAM consultant at Actwise. Drawing on his experience as a driver and coach, Marnik brings a unique perspective to his consulting work, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, communication, and a clear strategy in addressing complex cyber security challenges. Thanks to his knowledge of IAM systems and his ability to think creatively and strategically, Marnik is a valuable asset to Actwise and a trusted partner to his clients.

2. What was your first impression of the company and the team?

When Jelle arrived to greet me and took me on a tour of the office. I was struck by how welcoming and helpful they are, answering all my questions and introducing me to some of my new colleagues. Everyone I met is friendly and they all seem passionate about their work.

Overall, my first impressions of the company and team are overwhelmingly positive. I feel excited about the opportunities ahead and confident that I have made the right decision to join the company.

3. What are some of the things that you learned during your first week?

–  Understanding CyberArk’s role in Privileged Access Management (PAM): CyberArk is a leading PAM solution provider, and as an IAM security consultant, it’s essential to understand the importance of PAM in securing the organization’s critical assets.

–  Familiarization with CyberArk’s platform and modules: CyberArk’s platform consists of various modules that perform different functions, such as password management, session isolation, and application identity management. Familiarizing yourself with these modules will help you understand how the platform works.

–  How the Cronos Group operates: through a decentralized model, with each subsidiary or partner company having its own area of specialization. This allows the company to offer a diverse range of IT services, from software development to cloud computing to cybersecurity.

4. What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

–  Finishing my CyberArk courses succesfully and achieve my first Certificate from CyberArk. Working for my first client as I will work with a wide range of clients across different industries, each with their unique set of security challenges. 

–  Making a difference in cybersecurity as an IAM security consultant, I will play a crucial role in helping organizations safeguard their sensitive data and assets from cyber attacks. My work will have a direct impact on the security of the organization I work for and the broader cybersecurity landscape. 

–  Collaborating with other security professionals as IAM security is often a collaborative effort, and as a consultant, I will work closely with other security professionals to design and implement secure IAM solutions.

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