Guarding your digital assets: Credential Theft Protection

Learn how EPM’s Credential Theft Protection secures your digital access and get to know all about the key benefits for your business.

CyberArk Impact World Tour – Our key takeaways

Discover the key takeaways from the CyberArk Impact World Tour 24 in Hilversum. Learn about the acquisition of Venafi, secret management, EPM & AI integration.

App-solute security: the power of application control

Application Control is an important security feature of Endpoint Privilege Management. Learn all about the advantages for your organization in this article.

Shift left, secure first: what you need to know about DevSecOps

Discover the benefits of DevSecOps and the shift left approach to security with ActWise expert, Jochen. Learn how integrating security from the beginning can minimize risks and reduce costs.

Meet Arne Bieseman

Introducing Arne, a cyber security consultant who is always up for an adventure.With a background in Applied Computer Sciences.

ActWise crowned “CyberArk Growth Partner of the Year”

ActWise has received the 'Growth Partner of the Year for the North European region' award. This award is confirmation of the vision and drive within the company and the role that ActWise is trying to take in the cybersecurity world.

The Power of Endpoint Privilege Management

CyberArk EPM as an effective and efficient solution against cryptolockers

Talking Security: Why vishing is the new phishing, and how to prevent it! 

Talking Security: Why vishing is the new phishing, and how to prevent it! Welcome to the world of modern cyber threats, where even your phone calls aren't safe from the clutches of cunning hackers. In this blog, we dive into…

PAM and Glam: How ActWise Gets You Ready for CyberArk Stardom! 

Embark on a journey to cybersecurity excellence with ActWise, your seasoned guide to privileged access management (PAM) and CyberArk implementation. In today's digital landscape, protecting sensitive assets is paramount, and ActWise provides tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

IS4U & ActWise Hero – Jochen Kerremans

Hello there! My name is Jochen Kerremans, a 27-year-old security consultant. I am part of the IS4U group for almost 5 years now and it has been a blast so far! Allow me to provide further insights into my journey…